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Her Alien Protector

Voxeran Fated Mates


I can’t remember my past. But could this muscled, protective alien be the key to my future?

When alien pirates stole me from Earth years ago, the trauma of my abduction wiped away my memories. I can’t remember who I was before I was taken. Can’t recall anything from my previous life.

All I know is that I’m not going to let myself be held captive again. The blue-skinned warriors I'm now living with seem different than the pirates who abducted me, but every alien I’ve ever known has tried to hurt me eventually.

So when I see my chance to sneak away from the Voxeran village, I take it. I’d rather face the dangers of Nuthora on my own than risk losing my freedom again.

There’s one thing I didn’t count on, though.



The massive Voxeran who carried me away from Gornok’s lair follows me into the woods—but instead of dragging me back to the village as I expect him to, he tells me there’s only one thing he wants.

To keep me safe.

Even if he has to leave his people behind to do it.

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I love writing about alien men, baking (well... eating) cookies, and binge-watching TV shows with my husband. Based in the Midwest, I write steamy stories to combat the blistering winters.

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