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Defended by the Alien Gladiator

Warrior Mates of Zivon


He’s the most fearsome gladiator on this alien planet. And I’m meant to be his prize.

I shouldn’t even be here. Somehow, I've gone from living an ordinary life back on Earth to being offered up as a reward to the victor of an alien death match on a planet called Teneca.

And when the massive warrior with two-toned eyes strides out into the arena, cold fear fills me. Sure, he might be more gorgeous than any man I’ve ever seen, but he’s also a brutal fighter, and there’s a coldness to his expression that makes me think he stopped feeling emotions a long time ago.

I’m terrified of what he’ll do to me if he wins me... until the strangest thing happens.

He tries to rescue me instead.

But when our escape attempt fails, can this savage alien gladiator truly keep me safe? Can he protect me from our captors?

And more importantly, can he protect me from himself?

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I love writing about alien men, baking (well... eating) cookies, and binge-watching TV shows with my husband. Based in the Midwest, I write steamy stories to combat the blistering winters.

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