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Enticed by the Alien Outlaw

Warrior Mates of Zivon


I’m supposed to bring down the Zivonian warriors… not fall for one of them.

The Kruul who captured me and my sister promised me they’ll let her live if I do one thing for them: infiltrate the Zivonians’ ship and find a way to destroy it.

I’d do anything to protect Maya, so I have no choice but to accept their bargain. The only problem is, the Zivonians are nothing like I expected—especially Siro, the gorgeous alien captain.

He’s honorable, powerful, and protective, and for some reason, he seems as drawn to me as I am to him.

Getting close to him will give me the best chance to carry out my sabotage of the ship, but with every minute we spend together, I can feel my resolve wavering.

If I don’t go through with my mission, the Kruul will kill my sister.

But how can I betray the man I’m starting to fall in love with?

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I love writing about alien men, baking (well... eating) cookies, and binge-watching TV shows with my husband. Based in the Midwest, I write steamy stories to combat the blistering winters.

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