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Desired by the Alien Bodyguard

Warrior Mates of Zivon

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Fate pushed us together. Will the dangers we face tear us apart?

When technical failures force us to abandon The Oasis, I end up alone in an escape pod with a dashing Zivonian warrior named Raza.

If our situation was bad to start with, it gets a whole lot worse when the pod malfunctions, separating us from the others and sending us hurtling toward the surface of the planet where we’d hoped to settle.

The last thing Raza says to me before we crash is, “I’ll protect you.”

But it’s only after we emerge from the wreckage that I realize how deeply he meant those words.

With the two of us lost together on a strange new planet, he considers it his duty to act as my bodyguard—and when an alien creature’s attack leaves me blinded, I have to accept his help, no matter how much I hate relying on anyone.

As we journey across the landscape together, though, something changes between us. I’m developing feelings for my protective alien bodyguard, every touch awakening a fierce desire within me.

But can I find the courage to admit I’m falling for him?

Or will the threats that loom on the horizon kill us both before I get a chance?

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I love writing about alien men, baking (well... eating) cookies, and binge-watching TV shows with my husband. Based in the Midwest, I write steamy stories to combat the blistering winters.

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